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25th January 2005

9:13pm: probably not updating again for a while. LJ is getting old

in short, life has been ok. I'm starting school tomorrow... not really looking forward to that.

In My Way has a new guitarist... Alex quit, if you read the iwishiwascool board you probably know why, if you dont well whatever its probably none of your business anyway... anyway Brent is back in the band again. we've been practicing more regularly since he joined and we got some new songs and a new cover. I'm stoked. hopefully he'll stay in the band this time. can't wait for the show in Baltimore tomorrow

other than that not much has been happening, I've just been chilling, enjoying the break.

alright I have nothing else to say

come to this show tomorrow

JAN 26th
Charm City Artspace- 1729 Maryland ave. Baltimore MD 21211
Doors at 7, Show by 7:30


-THIS IS HELL (long island hardcore- ex scraps and heart attacks/back up plans.. state of mind records)

-NickXFury (young, edge, kenny can step)


-Triage (melodic punk from east baltimore, opening with a short set)


31st December 2004

7:18pm: alright time for my last update of 2004

recap of the last few weeks:

- I finished finals and got out of school for the break. health final sucked, I think I did shittily on that final. that class was a mistake and I'm glad to be out of it.

- the show on December 20th in Fredericksburg was amazing. Fredericksburg is awesome. Shooters rules. that show was on point from start to finish. Nick Fury rules, they were awesome that night and alot of kids were into them. definitely one of B-more's finest. I thought our set was good, we got an amazing reaction. lots of kids dancing going off and singing along. wow! Fredericksburg rules. thanks to everybody that danced and shit. that was the best show I've played yet, with any of my bands. I watched most of Shot Point Blank's set from outside because Shooters wouldn't let me bring outside food in. sorry, brotha's gotta eat. they were good. Nervous Breakdown and 24 Hours To Live were awesome. TAEA was amazing as usual and are the best band out of NOVA right now, their new CD rules. Casey Jones were awesome too, lots of kids were into them. KLU ruled... best set of the night... the split with DTN is amazing... KLU MOTHERFUCKERRRSSSS. amazing show, thanks to Justin for hooking it up. did I mention Fredericksburg rules? we're playing there at least once a month, so it has been written and so it shall be done.

- on a less positive note, Kai (my big red dog) had to be put down two days before Christmas. he was really old, he was 11 (about 80 in dog years) and he was suffering from arthritis of the spine for a long time. it got to the point where he couldn't walk or negotiate stairs anymore and he wasn't eating much, he had lost about 40 pounds. it was tough, putting down your dog is always a shitty experience, even though he was put down at the animal hospital in the most humane manner possible. he's in a better place now. my other dog Tasha is alive and well, and that's definitely a good thing... she's about 8 now and I think she'll be around for another 4-5 years at least.

- Christmas Eve me, Mom, and Aubrey did our usual Union Station trip. it was fun, we ate at America (the restaurant) as usual and saw A Series Of Unfortunate Events. good movie. I got a watch and a bunch of DVD's for Christmas including Napoleon Dynamite (amazing movie), season 1 of Home Improvement (awesome) and Harry Potter 3.

- me and Jordo went to Murder Weapon's last show in Richmond on the 26th. got on the road really late so we missed everybody except Mental and Murder Weapon. oh well, both were awesome, MW went out very well.

- my first promoted show in about 3 months was the other night and it went really well. 78 people paid and all the bands ruled. Joe's is too expensive. I don't do shows all that often anymore but I will still do shows for bands I really like. hung out at the Longfellow house with Rich, Bobby, Che, Alex, and Jordo afterward, fun times.

alright I'm off to a New Years party at Nicktape's, peace.

oh yeah come to this next Tuesday:
January 4th @ Everlasting Life, 2928 Georgia Avenue NW Washington DC - Never Enough, Say Goodbye, Rampage, In My Way, Nick Fury - 6:30PM, $7

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15th December 2004

10:37am: haven't updated in a while, big surprise

my posts on this thing are getting fewer and further between

last few shows I went to:

Hatebreed/Slumlords/No Warning in Towson - Hatebreed still puts on an amazing show, No Warning played alot of old stuff and still ruled, and Slumlords is one of Baltimore's finest for sure

Municipal Waste at WMUC - goddamn the Waste rules. I missed the other bands and that's probably a good thing

PC Death Squad/VPR/Alleged Bricks/Nick Fury at WMUC - Nick Fury rules, another one of Baltimore's best bands right now. VPR was awesome as usual. Alleged Bricks was pretty rockin, I sang the AF cover. PC Death Squad is still amazing

I'm in the middle of finals right now... I only got one more... so far they've gone well for the most part... I aced one and did ok on another one. one more day left of school... it's been a long semester.

12/20 at Shooters w/Kids Like Us, Casey Jones, TAEA, 24 Hours To Live, Nervous Breakdown, Shot Point Blank, Nick Fury - 4:30PM

1/4 at Wonderland w/Never Enough, Rampage, Say Goodbye, Nick Fury - 6PM

1/26 at CCAS w/TAEA, This Is Hell, Nick Fury - 6:45PM

1/29 somewhere in VA w/TAEA, Over & Out (last show ever), Not So Fast, Nick Fury

2/12 in NC w/Instilled, The Hate Crimes, more

3/5 at Captain Tee's w/Kill Your Idols, Slumlords, The Spark, The Hate Crimes

3/6 at The Sidebar w/Kill Your Idols, The Spark, Bring It On, Dead End Boys

listen to Nick Fury and TAEA
www.myspace.com/nickxfury ... www.myspace.com/taea

alright I'm going to study health shit for the final tomorrow, peace

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28th November 2004

1:31am: no, I'm not dead
wow, I haven't updated in a month. I've either been too busy or too lazy to update. well here's what's going on with my life now.

last show In My Way played was November 6th at WMUC with Slumlords, Iron Boots, The Spark, Bail Out, and PC Death Squad. band by band review:
PC Death Squad - AMAZING. band rules, I'm definitely going to their next show here
In My Way - we were aight
Bail Out - awesome set, best reaction I've seen them get yet
The Spark - also awesome as usual
Iron Boots - awesome, they rule
Slumlords - they're my favorite MD band right now and their set reaffirmed why

now for the obligatory way-late talk about the election:


sike. I'm not exactly pleased with the fact that he was reelected because theres alot of things he's doing wrong, then again I wasn't exactly impressed with John Kerry either. I didn't think either of the two candidates were really stellar choices and overall I'm trying to avoid the doom and gloom talk I've been hearing and try to look at this in a somewhat rational manner. everyone said it was the end of the world 20 years ago when Ronald Reagan was reelected and guess what, we're still here. I'm just going to go about my life as I did before and pray I don't get drafted (draft most likely won't happen anyway) or end up too much worse for the wear (which I probably won't anyway).

alright enough of politics.

so once I got done taking midterms, which sucked, it was time to start writing papers. two papers, one eight-pager for poverty and one six-pager for identity. and two pages for a group paper in health psychology. fun times. writing papers = teh suck.

finals are coming up soon. fuck man, I'm not looking forward to that.

haven't been to a show in a while... whenever there's a show I've wanted to go to I've had to write a paper or some bullshit like that... might break the streak this Tuesday by going to see Slumlords/Nu Warning in Towson. either way I'm definitely going to see the FVK reunion (motherfucking FVK!)/Drug Test/Tarpit in DC on the 6th.

next two In My Way shows:
December 20th at Shooter's - Kids Like Us, Casey Jones, 24 Hours To Live, Shot Point Blank, Nervous Breakdown, In My Way, and Nick Fury - 4:30PM
January 4th at Wonderland Bar - Never Enough, Say Goodbye, Rampage, In My Way, and Nick Fury - 6PM

amazing shows. more to come. we need to practice.

been playing Final Fantasy III alot, too. also, I beat Final Fantasy II. the SNES Final Fantasy games are amazing... holy shit, man.

alright nothing else to say, I'll try to update more frequently.

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30th October 2004

11:33am: haven't updated in a while
so, we played at Captain Tee's last weekend and it was amazing. fucking awesome show, thanks to Wilson once again for setting it up. all the bands fucking ruled and Captain Tee's is the best venue in the history of music, ever.

band by band rundown:
IMW - thought our set was pretty tight

High Stakes - awesome... great band

Hold Me Back - also awesome... one of my favorite new bands from VA for sure

The Frontline - wow, this band is amazing, they totally deserve to be the biggest band in hardcore, awesome set and they got an amazing reaction

Murder Weapon - awesome, I hadn't seen them in a long time so it was good to see them again, especially after listening to the demo alot in the car

Iron Boots surprise set - fuck yeah! band rules

Cold World - great band, I didn't get the 7" so I only know one song, but they were awesome

this past week all I did is study for a health exam and put flyers for the November 6th show with Slumlords and Iron Boots all over campus. check out the flyer here. that show is gonna rule. my health exam went alright, there was alot of stuff I didn't know even though I studied, we'll see how I did.

registering for next semester on Monday, I got my classes picked out already... I'm on the fucking ball this time, no more waiting until fucking a month and a half before school starts to register

went to a Halloween party at Rudy and Jimmy's house last night, it was fun, Milgram played and they were tight. I went as a screamo/metalcore/fashioncore kid, it was hilarious. pictures coming soon.

nothing else to say so I'm out, peace.

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27th October 2004

9:16pm: Ninjacore is music to kill for
Wednesday nights from 10PM to midnight EST on WMUC-FM College Park
playing the best in hardcore, punk, youth crew, thrash, etc.
88.1FM in the College Park/DC area or go to www.ninjacore.com for an online stream
requests: 301-314-8800 or ninjacoreradio on AIM

new this week:
Internal Affairs/Last Nerve split 7"
Right On "No Joke" EP

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23rd October 2004

12:21pm: TONIGHT!

hell yeah!


16th October 2004

5:45pm: midterms
so I'm in the middle of midterms right now and it sucks... I just took a social structure/individual midterm on Friday and I'm about to start studying for a poverty midterm on Tuesday... man fuck midterms

although I got my stratification midterm back and I got a 91% on it... hope my other midterms go this well, there was some stuff on the social structure/individual midterm that I didn't know but overall I think I was confident on it.

and at least I have this to look forward to next Saturday. goddamn this show is gonna be amazing, I can't wait. one more week!

ok, time to go eat dinner and start studying poverty shit for this midterm on Tuesday, peace...

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11th October 2004

12:35am: the show last Saturday in Fredericksburg was awesome... probably the best show we've played yet. NOVA rules... it's one of the best scenes there is right now so many good bands and good kids. thanks again to Justin for hooking it up!

we played at this pool hall in Fredericksburg called SHOOTER'S. awesome venue... huge pool hall with a big stage and dancing area in the middle of the floor. hope it sticks around.

band by band rundown:
In My Way - I thought we played well, our tightest set yet in my opinion, I was very happy with it. we played every song we had and both the covers, a few kids danced for the originals and lots of kids went nuts for the covers.

Love In The Time Of Cholera - they were good... Dick is an intense frontman... awesome Bad Brains cover

Not So Fast - best new band out of NJ. I was listening to their demo all week and was psyched to see them... kids were going nuts for them. they covered Side By Side too, sweet! awesome fucking band, hope we get to play with them again here or in NJ sometime.

TAEA - fucking awesome... NOVA's finest... kids were going nuts for them also. great band, and equally great dudes. their new record is awesome, somebody put it out! people need to hear it. they covered Count Me Out. also it was Daryl's last show with them and we were going to throw a bunch of cake and pie at him but the venue got word that we were going to do that and threw all our cake away. oh well.

after the show we went to a party at Not So Fast's hotel room but we got thrown out because there were too many people so after some time waiting around at some shopping center trying to find a place to have it it got moved to someone's house. fun times. I didn't get back home until like 4:30AM. NOVA rules.

last Friday was the Slumlords/Stout/Cast Aside/Never Enough/The Hate Crimes/Ruiner/TAEA show at Joe's. that was awesome, definitely one of the best shows DC has seen in a long time. all the bands ruled. only thing that sucks was that someone broke one of the mirrors. other than that it was an awesome show... good job Danny for continuing to put on amazing shows. New Slumlords record rules.

I'm going to bed, later.

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3rd October 2004

9:45pm: Captain Tee rocks the motherfuckin' boat!


12:03am: the show last night was fun, despite all the lineup changes and shit. about 15 kids came out. it's going to be the only show I do this semester, aside from the New Year's Eve show which I'm planning now.

band-by-band rundown:

Makeway - good Baltimore punk, if you like Circle Jerks or The Boils, these guys are your jam. they played kinda long though.

In My Way - our set was pretty good, we played a new song and a new cover (I Don't Wanna Hear It) for the first time

VPR - awesome. got a really good reaction and played alot of new stuff.

Bionic Man - also awesome. not very many people watched them (what's up with that) but their set was really good, that band is seriously underrated, people need to start giving them their props.

went to IHOP afterward with a bunch of people from the show... garden omelettes, pancakes and strawberry syrup, hell yeah

then chilled with Jordo and Rudy at his house until 3:30... don't know how I was still up then, I got up at 6:50 that morning for my early health class

today was very uneventful, spent all day at my folks' house housesitting and helping out with stuff.

oh yeah I had my stratification exam on Thursday, it went pretty well except for the fact that the one thing I didn't study showed up as a short answer question, that shit always happens

seriously looking forward to October 9th and counting the days until October 23rd (kids should travel to these shows for real)

ok I'm going to bed, peace.

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1st October 2004

10:47am: tonight at WMUC, GET INTO IT
Friday, October 1st, 2004
at the WMUC Radio Station
3130 South Campus Dining Hall
University Of Maryland
College Park, MD

Bionic Man
In My Way

$5, doors at 7PM
Taken By Force and Anger Battery had to cancel, sorry to anyone who wanted to see them.

October 9th @ Shooter's, 445 Jefferson-Davis Highway, Fredericksburg, VA - Cast Aside, Today And Everything After, Not So Fast, In My Way - 4:30PM

October 23rd @ Captain Tee's, 1594 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, VA - Cold World, Cast Aside, Murder Weapon, High Stakes, The Frontline, Hold Me Back, In My Way - 7PM

November 6th @ WMUC - Slumlords, Iron Boots, The Spark, Bail Out, In My Way - 6PM


26th September 2004

9:48pm: insert witty clever title here
shit man... so my car is in the shop... the ignition plug is busted, which I found out the hard way when me and Rich were on our way to the Carol show in Baltimore and my car wouldn't start. good thing we stopped by Wawa in College Park before we left or else we would have been stuck in Brooklyn fucking Park Maryland with a car that wouldn't start. had to call my Mom who had an AAA membership to have it towed over to the garage. Thanks, Mom.

somebody punctured a tire on my bike so I gotta take that into the shop too. damn some asshole kid had to do that right as the Riverdale bike shop was closing down... I don't trust the College Park shop they've wrecked two of my bikes and I swore never to go there again so I guess I'm going to Laurel whenever I get my car back.

me and Jordo went to Farewell Hope's last show on Friday, it was awesome. not as many people came out as I thought but w/e alot of my friends were there so it was cool. We got there mad late so we missed The Spark and most of Never Enough but Farewell Hope's set was awesome, they went out very nicely. psyched to see Ruiner, for real.

been spending a lot of time at my folks' house lately, helping them out with stuff. being a good son. whatevs I'm happy to do it and my parents' house rules so spending alot of time there is fine by me.

got a stratification exam on Thursday... first exam of the semester, going to be spending alot of time in the library this week for sure. got a homework assignment for poverty due this week too, the only one of the semester besides the paper. at least I don't have three exams in a row like I did last semester, that was hell.

In My Way at WMUC this Friday... with VPR, Taken By Force, and one more... GET INTO IT. starts at 7, see you all there.

I'm going to bed, peace.


21st September 2004

12:13am: the all nighter
was tight! me Rudy and Jordo went and it was fun as shit! and it had an 80's theme this year it doesn't get much cooler than that

here's a sweet/not sweet rundown...

- H-ville Hecklers in full effect driving by the Cornerstone on the way there
- making a button that says "IN MY WAY - MARYLAND YOUTH CREW" at the button-making machine
- drawing a tribute to the Broasis at the Habitat for Humanity house-drawing table "RIP Broasis, 2002-2004"
- heckling the 80's cover band, yelling at them to play Youth Of Today/Gorilla Biscuits/Iron Maiden
- giving IN MY WAY demos to all these random people including two girls who said they would come to our WMUC show
- the breakdancers! they seriously blow me away every year and this year was no different
- free 24 ounce sodas with slices of pizza at Sbarro's
- free pens at the Union Shop with any purchase
- chillin at the co-op with Jim-dawg and all those dudes
- dodgeball! seriously, so fun
- our dodgeball team was called "youth crew" hell yeah!
- 80's cartoons in one of the anime rooms! Ninja Turtles! Care Bears! Mario! Zelda! Hell yeah!
- impromptu 3AM Super Smash Bros. tournament at one of the anime dudes' dorms, that was fun as hell

- missing karaoke... damn! next year I'm definitely singing "Baby Got Back" like I did freshman year
- the 80's cover band not actually playing YOT or GB and only playing like a few seconds of Iron Maiden
- not being able to play DDR because there was like 92384938603896 people crowded around it all the time
- not going into the money machine this year why didn't I do that? oh yeah cause the line was out the building and winning $3 at most (like I did freshman year) wasn't worth it
- the fact that it was torrentially pouring rain outside and there was a tornado like 20 minutes away from campus

so as you can see the SWEET definitely outweighed and outnumbered the un-sweet. anyone who hasn't been to a UMD all nighter yet should seriously go next year, I can't say enough good things about it.

other than that I haven't really been doing much, going to class/doing schoolwork (my health project is a program to get high school kids to quit smoking - I'm so edge), practicing with the band and helping my parents out at home. I got an early class tomorrow so I'm going to sleep... peace!

October 1st @ WMUC, College Park, MD - w/Anger Battery, two more (Turning Seasons? Absolute Power?), doors at 6PM
October 9th @ JP'S (the bar next to where the Hideout used to be), Fredericksburg, VA - w/Today And Everything After, Not So Fast, Forward Down Punch
October 23rd @ the almighty Captain TEE'S!, Harrisonburg, VA - w/Murder Weapon, The Frontline, Hold Me Back, High Stakes

Captain Tee rocks the boat!


17th September 2004

1:33pm: UMD all nighter tonight!
Who's going... it's seriously the funnest Univeristy sponsored event of the year... seriously psyched...


10th September 2004

1:58pm: now for the posi news
IN MY WAY's demo is finished and on the internet!


Check it out and if you like what you hear come to the show on Sunday and pick up a tape.


5th September 2004

11:59pm: start of school/recording
Haven't updated in a while, I've been busy as hell.

I've been in school for a week now and it sucks... I've been getting up at 7AM all week and it's been wearing me out, I've been tired as hell for most of this week. I was waitlisted for two classes and I had to take two "filler" classes so I could be full-time and have health insurance, so I was taking 18 credits and as a result was in school from 9:00-4:50 pretty much every day. That's been wearing me out. Luckily I just got into the two classes I was waitlisted for so I will be able to drop down to 12 credits next week and still be full time. That should be a lot easier... I'll still have 9:00/9:30 classes every day, and I'll still be getting out at 4:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but it'll definitely be easier.

In other news, In My Way finished recording our demo today! We went into Joe Mitra's home studio on the Hyattsville/Riverdale border yesterday from 9AM-3PM and got the drums, bass, and vocals done, and today we went in from 10AM-2PM and got guitars and backup vocals done. It went very smoothly and it sounds great so far, Joe is probably the best engineer I have ever worked with in my two and a half years or so of doing bands. The fact that we were on point for the most part probably helped too, but still I wholeheartedly recommend Joe to anyone looking to record a demo or a 7" or something... it's a really chill environment to record in, he knows what he's doing, and he's willing to go the extra mile to really make the recording sound good. Can't say enough good things about him. All we have to do is go in one more time on Wednesday or Thursday for mix-down and the demo will be completely finished and ready. I'm really psyched to get it done and get it out there. oh yeah we're trying to play out of town a little bit this fall (mainly on Satudays since me and Alex are in school) so if anyone books shows in areas outside of DC/MD and has a spot open on a Saturday show, give me a holler.

oh yeah and come to this next Sunday...

Sunday, September 12th, 2004
at the 666 House
666 Irving St. NW
Washington, DC

The Hate Crimes (DC hardcore, record release)
Iron Boots (VA Beach's answer to Warzone)
Tarpit (best band out of the Beach)
Names For Graves (Clevo hardcore, ex-In The Red)
In My Way (demo release)

doors at 4PM, show at 5
not sure of the price, probably not that much
Jason, Rich, and Danny's birthday bash
there will be a barbeque so show up early

alright I'm out, peace

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30th August 2004

2:37pm: first day of school today

had my first few classes today... I got another one at 4 so I'm in the computer lab right now killing time until then

man I'm pissed that summer is over it was crucial, so many good memories

the classes were alright, standard first-day-of-class syllabus reading in all of them.

it's gonna be a long semester...

ok I'm going to go get something to eat so I'm out, lates.


29th August 2004

1:28am: last night
the show last night was awesome, despite not starting out in the best way. namely my cables turned up missing and I had to make an emergency Atomic run in freshman move-in day traffic. that sucked. I left at 5 and I was 15 minutes late to the show (6:15). oh well. the show ruled though. we played first, to about 30 or so people, and our set was pretty tight I thought. the only thing that sucked was alot of our friends missed us because we played all early and they were late. oh well. Another Dead Juliet from RI was next, good fast hardcore with a heavy downtuned edge to it. Jimmy's new band Milgram (also featuring Dave from Elbowdrop) was next, really tight Revolution Summer style post hardcore with keyboards, and an Elbowdrop cover ("back... up off me! back... up off me!" damn I gotta find my copy of that demo). Still Strong played next it was their last show and they rocked all the hits, including an Earth Crisis cover (Firestorm of course) and an American Nightmare cover (Farewell). Sad to see them go, they were an awesome band. Cast Aside played last, seriously one of VA's best bands right now... I got their new CD at this show and it rules, pick it up ASAP.

the show was awesome in general, good turnout (about 70 kids) awesome bands good crowd no problems, thats the way every show there should be (but unfortunately isn't). we raised $450 for the Maid to help them get air conditioning and soundproofing... hopefully that helps them keep doing all ages shows on a more regular basis.

so I get back from the show to my house at about 11:50 to get my CD's for Ninjacore's final broadcast in our summer timeslot (check out our first broadcast in the new timeslot on Wednesday from 10-12). My house key to my new house has been giving me problems lately, refusing to turn in the lock. I turned it in the lock and it BROKE OFF in the friggin lock. Great. I had to wake up my land-lady to get a new key from her, she was really cool about it though, thats the picture of what a landlord/landlady should be, someone who cares about there tenants. A lesser person would have told me to fuck off and gone back to sleep.

so anyways I ride over to Wawa to get some pre-radio show grub and I got in an accident on my bike on the way from Wawa to the radio station. Skinned my knee up pretty good, it got infected and it hurts like a bitch right now. Also the front wheel on my bike is bent up beyond repair, I gotta get a new wheel and that's gonna be a pretty penny. Oh well it could have been worse at least I didn't fall on my head (yes I was wearing a helmet, I always wear one). The radio show was fun, Alex, Bobby, Nicktape, and this girl Crow (sp?) came by so it was a total party. Good way to end our reign over the wee hours of Saturday morning, make sure you check us out on our new timeslot (Wednesdays 10-12! holla!)

Today was fairly uneventful, moved more furniture into my house and made preparations for the start of school on Monday (not looking forward to that). Probably going to the cookout at Nation tomorrow. OK I got nothing else to say so I'm out. Peace.

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23rd August 2004

5:30pm: scene unity!
so yesterday I went to the "scene unity root beer kegger" at this dude Lucas's house in Mount Airy.

It was fucking awesome... total straightedge party. Boca burgers, Not dogs, and 3 kegs of root beer... hell yeah! there were kids doing root beer keg stands, hahaha it was great.

Lots of fireworks, a firework war in some field after dark

Games of ultimate frisbee and smeer the queer (hey thats what the games called dont look at me, its the one where everyone tries to tackle whoever's holding the frisbee) mid day with two frisbees that someone brought

at some point someone put on a coal chamber cd and we all started moshing like numetal kids, it was funny as hell

Saw alot of my friends there and had a great time in general.

I really want to see pictures from this, anyone got em?

It was definitely one of the funnest hardcore-related non-show events I've ever been to. Anyone who thinks sxe kids dont know how to have fun should come to the next one and see how wrong you are.

Oh yeah if anyone sees Lucas around tell him to have more of these cause it was awesome, I'll definitely come out if there are more.

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20th August 2004

5:47pm: playing shows is awesome
So the show in Fredericksburg the other night was awesome. Brent rolled down with us. It's been way too long since we chilled with him and thanks to him we were able to use the HOV lane and avoid the brutal rush-hour NOVA traffic. Good stuff. We got to the Hideout (awesome venue all you VA heads should support shows there) at like 6 set up and played at like 7. We didn't play any of the new songs cause we didn't have em tight yet but our set was good I thought, definitely better than our set in Richmond. Theives And Assassins were up next, great band, they do the melodic Lifetime thing that alot of bands from NY are doing now, but they do it well. Never Enough was awesome as usual, they're on tour now so you should all go see them when they come to your town. SOS was pretty good, kinda weird midtempo hardcore. Have Heart was amazing, definitely the highlight of the night for me. I've been waiting to see them since like January and they fucking blew me away! It was good to play a show with them, hopefully we get to see them again on tour. Instilled was really good too, wish they had their record with them. Covered Hard Times, hahah they should have let me sing it (hahahaha). Kids Like Us were amazing, the pillow fight from the WMUC show was reprised during the last song. Amazing show. It was Jordo's first promoted show and he did a great job on it, thanks to him for booking it and if you see him around tell him to book more shows cause this one was off the hook!

The show ended at about 10:30 and we drove back to MD and hit traffic on the Beltway because of construction but oh well shit happens. We dropped Brent off and ate at this ghetto-ass IHOP on Kenilworth Avenue because we wanted some real food and it was the only place that was open. Their garden omelettes rule.

Last night I went to the Still Strong show at Jack's house. It was tight, they covered Firestorm and New Direction, and I made guest appearances on the m-i-c during both of those songs. They also covered Farewell by American Nightmare at the end. Saw alot of people I haven't seen in forever and had a fun time, I haven't been to Jack's since the last Ready To Ruck/Perfect Fifth practice. Everyone should come to the Maid on the 27th, seriously.

School starts in t-minus 10 days. Not really looking forward to that at all. I'm taking 18 credits this semester, it's gonna be rough to say the least.

Listen to Ninjacore tonight. 12-3AM on WMUC, you know the deal. www.ninjacore.com

Oh yeah...

you're flatout old school Straight Edge, you know
you're shit and what's cool, you know you don't
need to get wasted to have a good time. sXe

brought to you by Quizilla


18th August 2004

3:00am: hardcore life
So it's been a busy week... I'm updating from the computer lab at school cause I still don't have internet at my new house yet.

The show Friday at CCAS was fun... the usual awesome CCAS show... thanks to Mike for hooking it up and thanks to Che for coming up from Woodbridge and bringing the mosh for us. We fucked up the new song but other than that our set was tight. Queen Anne's Revenge and Gurth were awesome.

I moved into my new house on Sunday. I got most of my stuff moved in but I still gotta do a big grocery shop and move my kitchen supplies in. The house is tight... its nice and quiet and it's spitting distance from my classes. It's freakishly quiet, maybe a little too quiet, but whatever its better than living with a bunch of loud-ass frat boys yelling there asses off at 4AM on weeknights. Can't have that shit with my 9AM classes everyday. Two of my housemates are old men... wonder what senior citizens are doing living in group housing with college kids.

So the show in Richmond on Monday. Despite some crucial rush hour traffic in NOVA, we actually arrive at McCormack's early (thanks to Alex telling us about a shortcut around 95). We load in and we find out the show's actually starting at 10:30 instead of 9. OK whatevs, we hang around for a little bit, play some videogames, eat some pizza. We go on for a sound check (since this place is like a real club with pro sound, lights etc.) at like 10:15, and after it's done we're standing there waiting for 10:30 when we're supposed to start/the venue starts letting kids in etc. So 10:30 rolls around and Alex D (who was running the show) comes up to tell us that the club changed their age limit to 21+ at the last minute because they were understaffed or something, and the show was being moved to a house. Damn. Oh well, shit happens. So we load out again and we're standing around for a while waiting for the house to get confirmed and trying to get directions to it, then like 15 cars full of bands/kids at the show caravan over to this house in the woods way outside of the city. It was tight, I'd rather play a basement or DIY space then a bar anyway. So we set up again at the house and we finally go on at like 11:30. Man, we played like some shit. Our drummer got really drunk before we played and was fucking up really badly through our whole set, like missing the drums, speeding up and slowing down, playing the wrong beats etc. We get through the whole set minus the two new songs, then I got on the drums and we played a Judge cover with no bass. Embarrassing. He's not doing that again. The show was fun overall though. Never Enough and Frontside were both awesome. Check out Frontside, it was their second show and they ruled it. And hey at least we played out of town, that's always fun regardless. Definitely looking forward to more out of town shows. Thanks so much to Alex D and Clayton for hooking the show up, hopefully we can come back down there and redeem ourselves soon.

The show ended at like 2AM and we tried to drive back to DC but by the time we were halfway there I was just like fuck it I'm too tired and we'll get back at like 5AM so we stayed at Alex's house once we got to Springfield. Slept on his floor. It was definitely the most comfortable floor I've ever slept on. So we got the full tour experience that night for sure. Good times, good times. Can't wait for tour.

We play at the Hideout in Fredericksburg tonight... that's gonna be an awesome show, I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
at the Hideout
1919 Princess Anne St.
Fredericksburg, VA

Kids Like Us
Have Heart
Never Enough
Theives And Assassins
In My Way

$7, doors at 6PM

Everyone should come out, seriously.

Alright I'm going home and going to bed, peace.

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13th August 2004

1:18am: guess I should update or something
so I've been kinda busy... IMW has some shows coming up and I'm getting ready to move.

Here's how the last two shows went:

August 1st - was alright, only like 25 kids showed up because of some Eulogy fest in NOVA and the lineup got switched around alot. was still ok though, bands got a decent amount of gas money and all ripped it up. Sad State Of Affairs was definitely the highlight of the afternoon.... Carol was awesome also.

August 4th - not that great. half the bands either cancelled the day of or no-showed. only like 7 kids showed up. same day as the Warped Tour/the Municipal Waste show, blah blah blah. The new basement space in the Bionic House is awesome though, hopefully there are more shows there. Its alot bigger than the living room or the old basement space, it's like DC's answer to the Broasis. There Is A Chance was awesome.... great band, really nice guys... definitely be on the lookout for them cause they're definitely PA's best new band. Hope the rumors of them cancelling tomorrow are not true cause I was looking forward to seeing them again. Bionic Man was awesome as usual too. Good bands can definitely take a shitty situation and turn it around.

Moving into the new house in t-minus 2 days. Gotta do a big grocery shop and get all my stuff together this weekend. Definitely psyched, this new place is tight.

In My Way's first out of state show is on Monday, at a pub called McCormack's in Richmond. It just got confirmed today and I'm really psyched. If you're from Richmond or are up for a drive on a Monday night, definitely check it out. Then we're playing Fredericksburg next Wednesday.... stoked on that as well, it's an awesome lineup. None of my old bands ever got out of town that much so I'm definitely psyched to be playing out of town shows again, it's always fun.

On that note...

upcoming IN MY WAY shows, one of which is later tonight and two of which are out of townCollapse )

these lineups are so sweet I'm shitting myself. Kids should come out, for real.

OK I have nothing more to say so I'm going to bed.

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28th July 2004

1:48am: first show and stuff
First off, In My Way has a new website.... check it out here

We're also on MySpace... http://www.myspace.com/inmyway ... add us and shit.

So our first show.....

+ dancing, singing along, and stagediving +
First off I think our set went very well, especially considering that was like after all of three practices as a full band. We played the three original songs we had down and covered "High Hopes" by Gorilla Biscuits (no one went off or sang along for that though, I was surprised, but that belongs in the negatives section). I went off doing alot of jumps and bringing it down like I usually did... really felt good to play a show again after four months. Definitely more stoked on this band then ever now and looking forward to playing more shows (August 18th! August 27th!). The other bands ruled also... Reaction, Still Crossed, One Up, and TAEA were all fucking awesome... the first three bands are on tour so check them out when they come to your town.

- standing to the side with your arms crossed staring at the floor -
A lot of other stuff went wrong with the show in general though... the road the cultural center was on was blocked off due to construction, which caused some traffic headaches. What's with UMD and there fixation with construction all of a sudden? Seems like they have some new BS project every week when they haven't even finished the old ones. Also the turnout was horrible.... only like 30 kids came out. Good thing I got the venue for free otherwise I would have lost my ass.

Thanks to all the kids who did come out though, especially E-sun and his boys for driving all the way down from NJ for this show, and also thanks to our friends who came early to see us.

No thanks whatsofuckingever to the five or so kids who stayed outside and tried to watch the show through the window in the doors without coming in. I got seriously offended by that, it was a slap in the face... as soon as I figured out what they were doing I taped flyers over the windows. Seriously so disrespectful... this isn't Nation or 9:30 were not trying to rob from the kids, pay your $7 like anyone else and support good hardcore bands on tour!

In other news, I'm moving into a new house on August 15th! It's a nice quiet house (which is exactly what I need with my 9AM classes every day next semester) right on Adelphi Road and a 10-minute bike ride away from where all of my classes are (also exactly what I need with all those early classes, and I dont have to get a parking permit either!). It's going to be tight, can't wait to move in.

I got nothing else to say so I'm going to bed, peace.


22nd July 2004

6:10pm: Hellfest? More like SMELLFEST!
So, Posi Numbers was fucking amazing.... best weekend of the year just like it was last year. I'm $250 poorer and probably won't be getting a new amp for a couple of months but it was so fucking worth it. God bless Bobb Mac for putting on an amazing fest every fucking year.

Best bands on Friday: One Up, Desperate Measures, Agnostic Front (playing all old songs, no Epitaph shit, hell yeah!), Drug Test, Internal Affairs
Best bands on Saturday: Cold World, Allegiance, Slumlords, Crime In Stereo, Stand And Fight, Blacklisted, Comeback Kid, Terror
Best bands on Sunday: Iron Boots, Get Real, Lights Out, Righteous Jams, The First Step, Death Threat, Mental

Every band got the most amazing reaction I've ever seen them get, thats one of the things I love about this fest.

The only things that sucked were that there was no AC in the venue so it was hot as shit in there, and there were alot of assholes on Saturday starting fights and doing a bunch of stupid bully boy shit. The show Sunday was almost shutdown cause there were like 5 fights during Terror and the cops were called. Why do some people have to ruin a good thing by doing stupid shit?

These are just minor complaints though. The whole weekend was awesome. Me Rudy and Jordo rolled up there together ... lots of quotables on the trip there and back, lots of chilling and skating at rest stops/gas stations, and lots of bed-dives at the Econo Lodge where we stayed. Bed dives are where its at. Oh yeah we ate in this crucial diner called Perkins, gotta go back there when In My Way hits Wilkes Barre.

Bought alot of records including rare collectible versions of shit I already have.... I'm becoming such a record nerd, for real. I'll definitely be playing alot of the new stuff I got on Ninjacore this week though, check it.

My dog is OK... it was just a side effect from some medicine we gave him. He's up and walking again the way he was before. It was a pretty bad scare though... definitely not giving him that medicine again.

Of course I got sick right after Posi Numbers.... all those people in a big room together, it was inevitable. I'm really sick right now. I'm missing the DM/Hold Me Back show tonight. God fucking dammit. Fuck whoever went to Posi Fest sick! Stay the fuck home if you're sick!

In My Way's first show is on Saturday.... definitely trying to get better for that. We practiced twice this week and we're pretty tight.... I think we'll be ready for this show. Really looking forward to playing a show again, it's been way too long.

Check it:


Dont have anything else to say so I'm out.

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